Auger Drilling

Auger drilling or auger boring is a method of precisely extracting earth using a screw flighted implement and here at M.J. Conway we have our own machinery and equipment to do exactly that.

There are many applications within the construction industry where an augered hole is faster and more accurate to drill than try to use more traditional excavation techniques. It is also true that augering holes for construction purposes is a cost effective process as less waste material is produced, which in turn means that less material is required to fill the accurately sized hole.

We also have a number of attachments for our auger such as a stump planer to help remove any problematic stumps from your property or grounds.

At M.J. Conway, we have the ability to auger holes down to 4.5m which is perfect for:

  • Pad foundations
  • Locating RSJ columns for structural purposes
  • Retaining walls and soil retention on banks
  • Borehole soakaways
  • Permeability testing
  • Fence and gate posts
  • Hedge and tree planting

We are also flexible and happy to help those who require an auger to drill anything that is not listed above. For more information or to make an enquiry, please contact us via email or call Tel: 01491 681220.